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Popular Indonesian Dishes and Indonesian Rice Recipes to Try

The 6,000 “Spice Islands” of Indonesia over the last centuries have attracted adventurers, pirates, and traders from everywhere-Arab, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and English-each leaving their stamp on the cuisine of the island. For instance, Sumatra’s cuisines, sometimes have Indian and Middle Eastern influences which might feature vegetables and […]

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How to Cook Bamboo Rice

Rice is loved by millions of people and in all different cultures. Arguably, the main reason it is so widely eaten worldwide is for its versatility – you probably know a few different recipes that you can use rice to make a whole new eating experience. Often, the recipes which […]

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Filipino Rice Recipes

If you’re not familiar with Filipino cuisine, you’re not alone. While it may be relatively easy to find a local Chinese or Spanish restaurant, Filipino restaurants are not quite as common, which means you’re missing out on some unique flavors that this type of food is known for. One of […]

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How to Make Curry Rice

If you want to learn how to make curry rice, you’ll find several variations of this dish when you’re searching for recipes online. But curry rice isn’t just a simple side dish, it can also easily be the main entrée with a few tweaks to a recipe. However, it’s more […]

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Is Jasmine Rice Healthy?

Jasmine rice is one of the most popular rice varieties in Southeast Asia. Its fragrant floral aroma combined with its soft fluffy texture makes it a very versatile side dish. This type of rice is usually served with seafood or coconut-based dishes and it’s also often used as a substitute […]