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How to Clean a Wok

There are two materials that the most popular models of wok are made from, cast iron and carbon steel. These are completely different materials with similar but not quite the same ways to clean them properly. To learn how to clean a wok, keep reading! How to Best Clean a […]

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Best Cast Iron Woks

Cast iron woks are beloved by millions of home cooks for their longevity, versatility, and durability. They have a reputation for being the best kind of woks for many different reasons. The main selling point of cast iron vs carbon steel woks is that cast iron woks tend to hold […]

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Cantonese vs. Mandarin Woks

We all know when it comes to Asian/Chinese cooking, woks are typically involved. A wok typically has a rounded bottom and high sides, and most have two handles while some only have one handle. Round bottom woks are great for allowing heat to distribute evenly as opposed to a saucepan […]

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Best Wok Covers

Having a wok is a great way to spice up your ordinary dinner nights. Cooking Asian-inspired food can be fun, and some people often wonder if they need a wok lid or not. The great part is that there are so many to choose from, it’s a good investment to […]

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Best Clay Pots for Cooking

Clay pots have become well-loved in kitchens all over the world. They are great for delicious cooking, easily retaining heat inside the pot, and concentrating flavors to make your food savory. From the Japanese donabe to the Moroccan tagine, these pots are more than just cooking gear. They can be […]

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Best Wok Rings

If you love cooking Chinese dishes, chances are you have a wok in the kitchen. Woks come in either flat or rounded bottoms. Having a wok ring can make cooking even easier, though. Wok rings are constructed of metal, and they can help keep your wok in place while cooking […]


5 Awesome Chinese Rice Recipe Favorites

Super Yummy Chinese Fried Rice No list of Chinese rice recipes would be complete without Chinese Fried Rice. This is the most popular and common of all rice recipe favorites. You can get this dish in any Asian restaurant without too much trouble. Even though this is such a common […]


4 Excellent Korean Rice Recipe Favorites

Korean Beef and Rice (Bulgogi) Bulgogi is a popular Korean rice dish that features the famous barbecue-style beef that Korean food is known for. The finished dish is a savory and somewhat spicy mix of rice and beef topped with optional scallions and sesame seeds. The dish is a mainstay […]

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Korean Rice and Korean Rice Recipes

If you’re looking to bring some Korean flare to the kitchen, here are some basics and recipes for Korean cooking to get you started. Rice is more than a staple for Korean food. It’s become a symbol of life and represents prosperity. For thousands of years, someone’s wealth was determined […]

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How to Cook Bamboo Rice

Rice is loved by millions of people and in all different cultures. Arguably, the main reason it is so widely eaten worldwide is for its versatility – you probably know a few different recipes that you can use rice to make a whole new eating experience. Often, the recipes which […]