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Best Electric Woks: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide for 2024

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The best electric woks can be used to whip up your favorite meals when you want to prepare a delicious meal quickly. These woks can be a fantastic choice if you’re preparing several dishes at once, or if you just don’t want to heat up the stove. But finding the right model can take some serious research considering there are so many to choose from these days, as more people are realizing how convenient and versatile these pans really are.

I’ve put together this buyer’s guide, which includes all of the important features to look for, how these appliances work, and the benefits that come with using one. I’ve also tested out several of the leading models, narrowing it down to six woks that have what it takes to help you create a delicious stir fry in minutes. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart, which includes each of the models that made it onto my list, how they rated, and their best features.

Electric Wok Comparison Chart

Aroma Housewares AEW-305
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1500WMetal7 Quarts
Presto 5900 Electric Wok
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1500WStainless Steel7 Quarts
Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok
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1500WAluminum6 Quarts
Aroma Housewares AEW-306
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1500WCast Metal5 Quarts
Continental Electric Electric Wok
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900WStainless Steel4.5 Quarts
Von Shef Electric Wok
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1500WAluminum7.4 Quarts

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

Our Rating: (5/5)

This model features a large seven-quart capacity, so it’s perfect for large families or the cook who loves to host dinner parties. The wok comes with a large dome-shaped lid that can be used to prevent liquids from splattering all over your countertops. Additionally, the convex curve design provides excellent heat circulation, for faster, even cooking. The interior of the pan features a smooth nonstick coating that will prevent food from sticking to the surface, while making cleanup a cinch. The rapid heat up time is another reason to buy. No longer will you have to wait for your wok to heat up to the perfect temperature. It also offers full-range temperature control, so you can cook even the most delicate dish to perfection. The handles and base both feature cool-touch technology, which is a must in homes with small children.

This sleek metal wok is designed to retain heat and can handle extreme temperatures, adding to the pan’s versatility.


  • Nonstick surface
  • Dome-shaped lid
  • Fast heat up time
  • Cool-touch base and handle
  • Large capacity


  • Cord unplugs from the base easily


This durable wok is perfect for braising, cooking your favorite stir fry, or steaming fresh fish and veggies. Its classic dome shaped design allows you to cook a wider range of dishes, as it cooks your food evenly and to perfection. Additionally, the cooking capacity makes this model perfect for larger families and the cook who enjoys hosting dinner parties. Durable, affordable, and designed to last, this wok is a steal for the price.

Presto 5900 Electric Wok

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This durable electric wok is made out of stainless steel and features fifteen hundred watts of power. The base is made out of aluminum, for even, fast heating. Each side of the wok is equipped with a side loop handle, which will make it easier to move the wok from surface to surface. This model also comes with a lid that’s made out of tempered glass, which is designed to easily withstand high temperatures. The wok itself is dishwasher safe and easily detaches from the base. The lid can also be placed in the dishwasher. This model also comes with a long-handled wooden spatula; however, the spatula is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand.


  • Handles and body are made out of stainless steel
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Wok is dishwasher safe
  • Base is made out of aluminum


  • Must be seasoned


This easy to clean, durable wok features an aluminum base, for even heating, a stainless-steel body and handles, and a tempered glass lid. The biggest drawback is the lack of a nonstick coating. This means that the pan must be seasoned, in order to prevent food from sticking to the surface. This may be a deal breaker for some buyers, while others will prefer this option, since they can use any type of cooking utensils, without worrying about scratching the interior. Overall, this wok is a great buy and features the type of rugged design that allows it to easily withstand heavy-duty use.

Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This stainless-steel electric wok offers 1500 watts of power and can reach a max temperature of 425 degrees. This model is made out of aluminum, which conducts heat evenly and also promotes a faster cooking time. The pan features a six-quart cooking capacity and a total of fifteen precision heat settings, so you can choose the correct setting, based on the dish you want to prepare. This will allow you to cook delicate dishes that are very sensitive to even the slightest temperature change. It also includes a clear glass lid, so you can keep a close eye on your food as it cooks, without removing the lid. Doing so can have a negative impact on the cooking process, since it will allow heat and steam to escape. Both the lid and pan are dishwasher safe, simply detach the pan from the base. This model is equipped with a butterfly heating element, which will evenly distribute heat up the walls of the pan, for fast and efficient cooking.


  • Made out of aluminum
  • Fifteen precision heat settings
  • Dishwasher safe lid and pan
  • Butterfly heating element


  • Nonstick coating scratches easily


This model’s unique butterfly heating element is one of its best-selling points. The well-built, durable aluminum pan can easily handle daily use, and when combined with the heating element, does an excellent job of heating your food in a fraction of the time it would take on the stovetop. This top of the line electric wok is perfect for cooks of all skill levels and will be a great addition to any kitchen.

Aroma Housewares AEW-306 5-Quart Electric Wok

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a five-quart capacity electric wok that comes complete with a full range temperature control probe, complete with a quick-release trigger. This model is made out of cast metal, which is designed to mimic the style of a traditional wok, in terms of heating. This pan is perfect for steaming, tempura-frying, braising, and stir fry dishes. The interior of the pan has a thick, durable, nonstick coating, which will prevent food from sticking to the surface. The pan detaches from the base for fast and easy cleaning. The included dome-shaped glass lid features an adjustable vent and will allow you to cook a wider range of dishes, without the fear of food splattering.


  • Durable
  • Includes glass lid with vent
  • Fast heat up time
  • Nonstick coating


  • Small cooking capacity


This sleek, cast metal wok is designed for a faster heat up time and will retain heat efficiently, sealing in the flavor of every dish, thanks to the included glass lid. The wok itself detaches from the base for easier cleaning, which will be a huge plus for every cook. The inside of the wok is equipped with nonstick coating, so you can prepare food without the use of oils, for healthier, low fat cooking options. This model is durable, versatile, and a good choice for smaller families.

Continental Electric Chef Electric Wok

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a smaller electric wok that has a low cooking capacity of four and a half quarts, so it will be a better choice for a small family. Despite its smaller size, it’s impressively durable. The compact space-saving design will make storing and transporting it a cinch. The pan is made out of durable stainless steel, with a nonstick inner coating that will prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface. The tempered glass lid will prevent a splattered mess when you cook dishes with oil or prepare soups and sauces. This model also features adjustable temperature controls, so you can cook more temperature sensitive dishes, easily. This model offers nine hundred watts of power, which is excellent for a wok of this size. The wok’s body is made out of tough stainless steel and comes equipped with a couple of cool touch handles that will allow you to easily move the pan from surface to surface, without burning your hands, no potholders needed. This model will be an excellent addition to any small apartment, dorm room, RV use, camping, or a small kitchen.


  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Stay cool handles
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Nonstick cooking surface


  • Small cooking capacity
  • Low wattage


This wok may be small, but it offers some decent power, despite the compact design. This will be the perfect model to take with you when you’re traveling across country in your RV, or it can be a great choice for the smaller family. Durable and highly portable, this heat efficient model is affordable, easy to use, and is highly adjustable.

Von Shef Electric Wok

Our Rating: (4/5)

This is a rather large electric wok, with a cooking capacity that comes in at 7.4 quarts. This model is also made out of aluminum, so it does an excellent job of conducting heat. This fourteen-inch model comes with a nonstick coating that allows you to cook healthy, without the use of butter or oils. This wok also features adjustable temperature control, simply use the included rotary dial to choose from one of four heat settings. Unfortunately, the lack of more heat settings can be very limiting in terms of the types of dishes you can prepare, so this wok is not recommended for use when preparing delicate dishes.

Additionally, the pan and lid also feature heat-resistant silicone handles that will remain cool to the touch.


  • Silicone cool touch handles
  • Lid included
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Pan is made out of aluminum


  • Only four heat setting options


This model may have a large cooking capacity, but it also lacks temperature control settings, which can be a drawback for some buyers. Overall, the wok offers a durable design that can handle regular use, but in terms of what types of dishes you can prepare, this model is somewhat limiting.

Electric Wok Buyer’s Guide

Woks have an important role in Southeast Asian cuisine. While they specialize in cooking stir fry, they can be used to braise, deep-fry, boil, and prepare soups. These models are very versatile, easy to use and are often made out of durable materials that can withstand heavy-duty use. Materials include aluminum, carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Electric woks are a great choice if you don’t want to heat up the house by using the stove, or if you’re preparing a large dinner and don’t have the room on your stove to prepare all the dishes at once.

These appliances are easy to use, clean, and can help you prepare your favorite meal such as steaming up a batch of fluffy jasmine rice, stir fry, or a one pot meal, quickly and efficiently. But before I dive into the important features to look for, first, I’ll go over the many benefits these appliances have to offer and why an electric wok can be a total gamechanger in the kitchen.

Electric Wok Benefits

Aside from their ability to help you prepare a delicious curry rice, stir fry, or another favorite dish, an electric wok offers other benefits that a standard wok or traditional pan does not, such as:

  • This type of wok is very compact, so it can easily be stored in a cupboard when not in use.
  • They’re also highly portable. If you’re traveling, you can bring along an electric wok instead of a standard camp stove and enjoy cooking your favorite dishes when you’re on the road, all you need is an outlet.
  • These pans are very versatile and can allow you to prepare your favorite dishes ranging from omelets and hash browns to your favorite Filipino rice recipes.
  • If you’re preparing a large meal and all of the burners on the stove are in use, then whip out your electric wok so you can prepare an extra dish at the same time.
  • When it’s hot out, the last thing you want to do is cook over a hot stove, since doing so will heat up the house. Use an electric wok instead. It will create less heat and can cook your food to perfection in a fraction of the time.
  • These pans are very low maintenance and simple to clean. Since most models are made out of nonstick materials, you won’t have to use too much elbow grease to clean out the interior.
  • To cook up a meal fast, you don’t have to use two or three burners at the same time on your stove. Instead, you can take advantage of the wok’s unique design and cook your fish, veggies, and other foods in an electric wok, in a fraction of the time.

Other important Features

Before you buy a new electric wok, there are many factors you’ll want to consider, such as the type of material it’s made out of, the size, and the shape. Below, I’ll go over the most important features to look for before you hit that buy now button.


These woks are available in a variety of sizes. You’ll need to choose the size of the wok based on how many people you normally cook for.


There are also several different shapes of woks to choose from including oval, round, and rectangular.

Nonstick Surface

Most models will come with a nonstick cooking surface, which will prevent food from sticking to the surface. However, not all nonstick surfaces are created equal. Cheap woks will have a nonstick coating that will chip or peel off over time. The high-quality coating is thicker and will not degrade over time.


Electric woks can be made out of a variety of materials including copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. The most popular material option by far is carbon steel since it’s so durable and conducts heat well.

Bottom Shape

There are also a couple of bottom shapes to choose from; round and flat. Typically, people would choose a flat bottom shaped wok, based on the type of stove they had, since a flat-bottomed model would work better for glass top stoves, while the round bottom woks were a better choice for gas stovetops. Since this isn’t really relevant because the wok will not come into contact with your stovetop, some feel that round bottom models are a better choice since they offer a more authentic wok cooking experience and have taller sides, which will allow you to keep food in the pan that’s already cooked, warm, by pushing it up against the tall sides.


Even an electric model may need to be seasoned if the model you choose doesn’t come with a nonstick coating. When a wok is seasoned properly, it will prevent food from sticking to the surface of the pan.

Heat Up Time

Some models will take longer to heat up than others. Low-quality models will have a longer heat-up time, while top of the line models will heat up in a minute or less.

Temperature Settings

In some cases, you’ll come across woks that have basic heat settings such as high, medium, and low. Other models will allow for more precise temperature control, which can make it easier to choose the temperature based on what you’re cooking. More temperature settings will add to the wok’s versatility, allowing you to cook a wider variety of dishes.


Some models will come equipped with a built-in heating element, while others can be removed for the base for easier cleaning. Models that detach from the base are often dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup a cinch.


Models that come with a lid will add to the wok’s versatility, so you can cook sauces, deep-fry, and prepare soup, without the liquid splattering all over. However, not all woks will come with a lid. Fortunately, you can always purchase a lid separately. Glass lids are more convenient to use than metal, since you can keep an eye on your food, without removing the lid and allowing the heat and steam to escape.


Models that come with stay cool handles will allow you to pick up the wok without burning your hands. Most models will come equipped with at least one stay-cool handle, which is often coated in thick silicone material.


Some manufacturers will offer a wok line that’s available in several color options and finishes, so you can choose a model that will match the décor in your kitchen. However, most models will come in either black or silver.


Check out a wok’s capacity before you buy. A model with a four-liter capacity can prepare food for one or two people. Other models are designed to prepare food for up to five or six people, so they’re perfect for the buyer with a larger family or cooks who often host dinner parties.

How to Use an Electric Wok

  • First, turn the wok on and adjust it to the highest heat setting, allowing it to heat up.
  • Use a couple of tablespoons of oil, evenly coating the bottom and the sides of the pan.
  • With the temperature still set on high, add your ingredients to the pan. These woks are often much larger than traditional woks, so they can hold an entire roast or chicken.
  • If you want to make a stir fry, add the veggies to the wok and stir constantly with the heat kept on high.
  • If you’re making chicken in a wok, make sure you roast it slowly. Once the outside of the meat is brown, you’ll turn the heat down to medium. Put a lid on the pan and close the vent. Chicken should be roasted for forty-five minutes per pound. Slow cooking it this way will make the chicken fall off the bone tender.
  • As I mentioned, you can cook a pot roast in a larger wok. Once the meat has browned on the outside, you can add carrots, potatoes, and other veggies. Cover the pan and lower the heat to medium. If the lid has a vent, leave it open.
  • To use your pan as a steamer, you’ll begin by adding a small amount of water to the bottom of the pan. Fill a steam basket with veggies or rice and place it inside the pan. A bamboo steam basket is a perfect fit for an electric model and will not catch on fire. Switch the pan to high in order to generate steam. To give your food more flavor you can add veggie or chicken broth.
  • When using your wok, make sure you use wooden utensils to protect the nonstick coating and avoid scratching the surface.
  • When cooking, especially deep-frying, make sure you use a type of oil that can handle being heated up to five hundred degrees without smoking.
  • When you’re making a stir fry make sure you constantly move the food around the entire surface of the pan. This will ensure that all the food is cooked evenly.
  • Since woks cook food so quickly, be sure to have all of the food prepared and ready for the pan when you plug it in.
  • Make sure you clean out your wok right after you’ve finished cooking, while it’s still hot. All you need to do is wipe it out using a cloth, if it has a heating element built-in. Pans that detach from the base can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the pan.

Final Thoughts

The best electric wok will make cooking your favorite dish fast and convenient. These pans are very versatile, allowing you to cook more than just a basic stir fry. Electric models are gaining in popularity since these pans heat up quickly, promote even cooking, and will allow you to cook a variety of dishes in a fraction of the time it would take in a traditional wok on the stovetop. The woks on my top six list and this buyer’s guide are designed to help you choose the perfect model based on your cooking needs and budget. Each of the products that made it onto my list all earned a high rating in a variety of areas including durability, ease of use, and overall quality. By choosing one of the models on my top six list, you’ll end up with a wok that’s powerful, durable, and designed to last.

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