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If you love cooking Chinese dishes, chances are you have a wok in the kitchen. Woks come in either flat or rounded bottoms. Having a wok ring can make cooking even easier, though. Wok rings are constructed of metal, and they can help keep your wok in place while cooking over a stove or grill. Wok rings work with either flat or round-bottomed woks.

These rings are made from a variety of metals and are available in different shapes and sizes. Wok rings are great for keeping heat concentrated more in one area, depending on the cooking style. In addition, having a wok ring allows you to bring your wok up off the stove, allowing air to pass through, heating the sides of your wok evenly.  This can help reduce cooking time drastically.

Choosing one might seem like a daunting task, especially if you live a busy lifestyle, but I’ve created a guide to help you learn what to look for, along with seven of the top choices based on reviews and their best features.

Best Overall Wok Ring for the Kitchen: Wok Ring, Stainless Steel Wok Rack, 7 ¾- inch and 9 ¾-inch Reversible for Kitchen Use

A wok ring should be on your next purchase list if you’re into Asian cooking and doing so frequently. This stainless-steel wok ring was built with the average family in mind. However, knowing how important a wok ring can be, this one was built to last. With an innovative design, you’ll find that keeping your wok stable just got a lot easier.


  • This wok ring is made of stainless steel, making it a great choice for daily commercial use.
  • Rocking back and forth is reduced, making cooking vegetables or braising meat a breeze.
  • Because of its stainless-steel design, it’s durable and won’t bend the minute you rest your wok on top of it.


  • Very affordable
  • Compatible with a wide variety of gas stoves
  • Great for using with multiple work zones
  • Can accommodate larger sized woks
  • Won’t scratch your wok’s bottom


  • Lightweight, which some consumers state makes it flimsy
  • Some people complain about it turning colors after a few uses


For anyone who has a round wok, you know how crucial it is to have a wok ring. For those of you who have a flat-bottom wok, wok rings can be just as beneficial to you as well. This stainless steel wok ring allows you to cook easier in the kitchen without worrying about your food being burnt or undercooked. You’ll be able to enjoy evenly heated food as the sides of the wok heat up as the bottom of the wok is higher up off the flames. This wok ring will be a must-have for your next Asian-inspired dish if you have a gas stove!

Runner Up Wok Ring for Overall Cooking: Tezzorio 8 ¼-inch Wok Ring, Plated Steel Construction, Reversible Sides

Wok rings can make cooking in a wok so much easier. The runner-up to my first pick for overall cooking experience is this wok ring by Tezzorio measuring 8 ¼-inches in diameter. The other side measures in at 9 7/8-inches. Having a stationary place to put your wok makes cooking a lot easier, especially with round-bottomed woks.


  • This wok ring is great for converting your cooktop and tabletop into a Chinese work range.
  • Keeps your wok ring stable whether you are cooking over a gas burner or on an electric top stove.
  • This wok ring, unlike some others on the market, can accommodate a 12-inch wok.
  • It offers plated steel construction, making it durable and long-lasting, unlike others you’ll find online.


  • Works great for larger woks as well as smaller ones
  • Great for gas burners and even electric cooktops
  • No sharp edges which reduce scratching to cooktop surfaces
  • Sturdy design


  • Some people complain about it not being stable enough
  • Some complain it warps and turns color after a couple uses


Some people have never used a wok ring before, so it might be a little hard to understand just how beneficial they are. This is the second-best wok ring out right now. It allows you to enjoy Asian cooking a lot more. This wok doubles and is great for those nights you want to serve directly from the wok. No matter what type of cooktop you have, you can rely on this wok ring to prevent any type of scratching.

If you’re looking for a great all-around wok ring that allows cooking and serving great Asian dishes easier while keeping an eye on your wok ring to prevent discoloration and warping, this wok ring is a great choice for you! Along with most of the other wok rings, you’ll find listed below, it’s in a great price point as well.

Best High-Quality Wok Ring: New Star International NCWS9 Steel Wok Rack, 7 ¾-inch and 9 ¾-inch Reversible Size

If you’re looking for an overall high-quality wok ring to help meet your Asian or Chinese cooking needs, the New Star International steel wok ring might be what you’re looking for. This steel wok ring measures 7 ¾-inches and 9 ¾-inches and is made of forged plated steel. It’s vital to your cooking style, offering an innovative design that’s eliminated sharp edges, meaning no more cuts! Plus, as it’s made in Taiwan, it’s no wonder it’s the best in quality!


  • This wok ring can be used on any cooktop, from gas to electric.
  • Allows your wok to sit higher up off the flame for even heating.
  • This is a great wok ring for stabilizing those round-bottom woks.
  • Works great for use on a table, making serving from your wok super simple.
  • There is a small gap between the wok bottom and the cooktop reducing movement as you are cooking.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Reversible to use either side
  • Non-sharp edges
  • Fits over gas burners


  • Not big enough for use with larger woks
  • Made of lightweight material


The New Star International steel wok rack is great for so many reasons, making it a top high-quality wok ring choice. Offering durability and reduced wok movement, along with having the bonus of being budget-friendly, this wok comes in at the top for high quality.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing this wok ring is that it can be used on any cooktop you have! That’s not something a lot of other wok rings can brag about.

While it is built to last, even this wok ring isn’t perfect. Some customers wish it was bigger as they have a larger wok, measuring at least 14 inches. This wok ring comes with a sticker label on the outside. Many customers have complained that this label is tricky to get off unless it’s burned off.

If you’re looking for a high-quality yet budget-friendly wok ring that will make cooking a lot easier, this might just be what you’re in the market for. Also, if you don’t mind putting some effort into getting a label off the outside, the New Star International wok rack is a great option for you!

Best Wok Ring for All Budgets: Joyce Chen, Chrome Stainless Steel Wire Wok Ring

Talk about a wok ring from a reputable name we all know, Joyce Chen. When it comes to an affordable wok ring that’s not going to have you skimping out on quality, this is what you’re looking for. This wok ring is so versatile, and it was designed with woks of all sizes in mind. As stated above, these woks I have listed here are all within a comfortable price point, making it even easier to decide to try one out.


  • This wok ring is reversible, allowing you to take advantage of two options for wok sizes.
  • This wok ring is made of durable stainless steel, making it budget-friendly and a great choice in the lower price point of what typical wok rings cost.
  • Large enough to fit over most gas burners.
  • It’s also easy to clean when you have a little messy night with your cooking.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Accommodates larger woks
  • Allows for easier viewing of your flames
  • Works on any size burner


  • Shorter in size than some wok rings
  • Tends to move around when stirring the food


This wok ring made by Joyce Chen really gives you a bang for your buck. It’s great for frequent use and offers the versatility to use larger and smaller woks with its reversible design. If you have a gas stove, you’ll find you can remove the grate from the burner and place the wok ring around it to get your wok closer to the flame. If you’re looking for a wok ring that’ll work on multiple cooktop surfaces while staying within budget, this wok ring is right on point.

Also, make sure you are OK with a shorter handle. If shorter handles aren’t a problem, then this Joyce handlChen wok ring is what you need.

Best Wok Ring for a Gas Stove: Wok Ring for Gas Stove, 1 Pack Potholders for Kitchens, 9.13-inch Reversible Size Wok Stand Suitable for Most Wok Sizes

Some people find nothing better than cooking with gas flames. This wok ring designed for gas stoves is durable. If you want something that’ll regulate heat and ensure it’s concentrated in one area, this is the wok ring for you. The design of this wok ring allows you to cook at high heating settings, which is great if you are cooking stir fry.

On top of having a sturdy and durable design, this wok ring allows you to stabilize your wok while cooking. If you have a round bottom wok, you’ll find one of these wok rings is necessary for proper cooking. Again, this is another great-priced item without skimping on quality.


  • Keeps heat concentrated in one place so you can keep it in one place while cooking.
  • Measurements for both openings are 7 ¾-inches and 9 ¾-inches, allowing you to use various wok sizes.
  • If you are not satisfied with this product, you can send it back within 30 days and receive a full refund.
  • It brings your wok off the flame, allowing you to cook with the top of the flame, which tends to be the hottest.
  • Great for serving purposes if you want to serve out of your wok, or it can be used to hold hot pots, pans, or your instant pot inner bowl.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be used on glass top stovetops as well
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Reversible design allows you to use both sides


  • Some customers complain about it being lightweight
  • Customers state it rusts easily


This wok ring is an ideal option if you are looking for one to use on a gas stove. It offers durability while allowing you to cook up your favorite Asian dishes. It will also allow you to use higher heat settings as the flame is concentrated in one area rather than all over the wok.

While this wok ring is a great option, some customers complain about it being too lightweight, which can sometimes make your wok tilt a little. You might also find that this wok ring can rust after a few months, but not everyone has had this problem. If you are looking for a gas stove wok ring that will get the job done, and you can get past the possible discoloration, this might just be what you’re looking for.

Best Wok Ring for Grill Use: K&H Gas Cooktop Black Cast Iron Wok Support Ring

Who doesn’t like cooking over the open flames of a grill every now and then? Personally, it’s one of my favorite ways to eat food. However, when making your famous stir fry or other Asian dishes, you need high heat for some, and cooking on a grill is perfect with this cast iron wok ring by K&H. This grill is great for cooking over flames, thanks to its durable cast iron design. Cooking on the grill with a wok has never been easier, and you’ll find your food might be a little more flavorful.


  • This K&H black cast iron wok ring has an outside diameter of 7.1 inches, the inside diameter measures 6.3 inches, and the slot width is 0.3 inches.
  • Because of the durable cast iron design, there’s no chance this wok ring will become misshaped and won’t rust either.
  • This wok allows more precise cooking as it’s not as tall as some wok rings you’ll find online.
  • Cleanup is a breeze as you just wipe away any food on the wok ring with soapy water.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Built to last
  • More precise cooking
  • Won’t rust easily


  • Some customers complain about it not fitting their cooktop
  • Higher priced than most wok rings


The K&H black cast iron wok ring is ideal for grill cooking thanks to its cast-iron design that can withstand high heat and flames. This cast iron wok ring can also support medium-sized woks, and some customers have stated they use a 14-inch wok on theirs, and it fits perfectly.

So, if you are looking for a cast iron wok ring to use for your next Asian-inspired night and don’t mind spending a little bit more, this might be the perfect addition to your kitchen accessories.

Best Wok Ring Made of Cast Iron: Lanyinxianzi Wok Ring Made of Cast Iron

Cast iron is one of the most sought-after materials for kitchen accessories. Cast iron is sturdy, durable, and built to last for years. So, if you want a great option for cooking without having to worry about your wok ring being too light or not lasting, this is the wok ring you’ve been hunting for! Offering versatility, you can use this wok ring on just about any surface, from gas ranges to cooking on your grill or even bonfires! Add in the durability this ring offers, and you’ve found a great choice for making your Asian dishes taste even better! This wok ring is a little pricier than the others I have reviewed, but this wok ring is worth every penny!


  • This wok ring is non-slip, making it a great choice for just about any cooktop surface you want to use.
  • Because it’s made from cast iron, this wok ring won’t show signs of rusting and won’t lose its shape as it begins to heat up like some other wok rings might tend to do.
  • It measures 87 x 7.4 x 1.49 inches making it easy to store when not in use.
  • Large enough to accommodate smaller to medium-sized woks without worrying about your wok tilting or not fitting properly.


  • Durable cast iron design
  • Slip-resistant
  • Designed to last for years
  • Allows for adequate heating to avoid undercooked food
  • Great for flat or round bottom woks


  • Not able to accommodate large woks
  • Some customers have complained that it doesn’t fit their stovetops


This cast-iron wok ring by Lanyinxianzi gives you the durability you want and need in a wok ring, and it’s earned itself quite the reputation. Unlike some other wok rings, you won’t need to be replacing this anytime soon. Because this wok ring prevents corrosion and rust, you’ll find your wok ring keeps its stylish look. While this cast iron wok ring is my first pick, make sure the dimensions work for your cooktop and wok size. If you can get past these two flaws, you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

Wok Ring Buyer’s Guide

Wok rings were designed to give you a stable cooking surface for those with a steady wok. They are great, especially for those of you who have round-bottomed woks. These wok rings, or wok stands, help regulate the direction of the heat and concentrate it to the bottom of the wok pan.

You’ll find there are several types to choose from. They are made from all different types of metals like wok pans. You’ll see that many wok rings are made from stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, wire, and more. Here’s a little breakdown of each type of wok ring you might come across.

Types of Wok Rings

No matter what type you are searching for, there’s a wok ring for everyone. Make sure you find one that accommodates the size wok you are using.

Steel Wok Ring

A steel wok ring might just be the most popular option you come across. This type is what is commonly used. They help keep your wok stable while trying to cook. They are great for use with high heat and can withstand it without becoming deformed or discolored over time. This wok rig is designed from solid material, making it long-lasting. Be sure and buy one that has holes around it if you are using high heat for cooking.

Wire Wok Ring

Some people prefer this type of wok ring because it’s a lot better looking than some. These wok rings are great for serving at the table straight from your wok. You can use two sides, making it great to accommodate the wok you plan on using. The rings might also be made of steel, making them sturdy and durable.

Cast Iron Wok Ring

Cast iron wok rings are probably the most durable and long-lasting rings you’ll find on the market. However, you might find they are a little smaller in size, so be sure to check what size it works with. Some people will even use these instead of a grate on their stove.

Wok Ring for a Gas Stove

Many people have gas stoves, and if you’re looking for a grate, there are sturdy and durable ones built for that. Because they are designed to be over an open flame, they need to be made from durable material, so you’ll find some are made from cast iron.

When Should You Use a Wok Ring?

You might be asking yourself when you should use a wok ring. Simply put, wok rings can bring your wok up off the flame, allowing you to have a more authentic cooking experience. The flame concentrates more on the bottom of the wok than up the sides, causing uneven food cooking.

Wok rings are especially useful, and almost a must-have if you have a wok with a rounded bottom. Not only do they stabilize your wok while you’re cooking, but it also prevents the wok from slipping off the stove. If you have an electric cooktop, you can even find wok rings that are safe to use and won’t scratch the top.

What to Look for in a Wok Ring

Now that you know a little more about what a wok ring is and what it can do for you, let’s talk about how to find one that works for you and your cooking needs. Choosing a wok ring is an easy enough thing to do. All you need to know is the cooktop type and size of your wok.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to get a wok ring that’s made from the same material your wok is made of. However, here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect wok ring:


Wok rings are made from different materials. Each has its features to benefit from, and some might even have a flaw or two. Most times, these flaws are easy to overlook. If you are cooking over higher heat settings, make sure you pick one that’s durable and won’t melt once it touches the hot surface.


You want a versatile wok ring. Having a wok ring where both sides can be used is a lot better option if you plan on using different woks. However, keep in mind that a wok ring should be about 4 inches smaller than the diameter of your wok. For instance, you can buy a 10-inch ring, allowing you to cook with a 14-inch wok.


Size does matter because not all wok rings are created the same. There are several sizes to choose from. Make sure you find one that will fit your wok sizes. You also want to make sure you find one that will sit high enough off the flame, so the heat is more concentrated on the bottom of your wok. When researching wok rings, you’ll typically find the dimensions and what size woks they will fit.


Choosing the right height is important when it comes to wok rings. This is the determining factor in how high or low off the flame your wok will sit. Typically, most wok rings will measure in at the height of 1.5-2-inches.

If you’re using a gas stove, you want the wok to sit as close to the flame as possible. If the ring is too high, your pan won’t get as hot as it should, especially if you make stir fry.


Can you use a wok without a ring?

If you have a flat-bottomed wok, you don’t necessarily need a wok ring. However, if you have a round-bottomed wok, it might be hard to cook without one. They are great at helping your wok heat up faster as it brings your wok up off the flame.

What size wok ring should I get?

When choosing a size, look for a wok ring that measures at least 4 inches smaller than the wok’s diameter.

What are wok rings essential for?

Wok rings aren’t a necessity unless you have a round-bottomed wok. However, wok rings do keep your wok up off the flame, allowing the flame and heat to concentrate on the bottom of the wok rather than up the sides. They are great for holding the wok in place and keeping it sturdy while you stir up your food.

Do you need a wok ring for a flat bottom wok?

If you have a flat-bottomed wok, you typically don’t need to use a wok ring. However, it does help turn up the sizzle on your cooking and gives it that extra oomph

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