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5 Low Carb Rice Alternatives You Should Try

Rice is not a low carb food. There are some types of rice that have fewer carbs and more fiber, or more net nutritional value overall, but rice as a food is not a low carb option. There are so many recipes that call for rice (especially white rice), but […]

Is Low Carb Rice Even Possible?

Is low carb rice possible? This is not a simple answer, because first, we have to define what low carb means, and then we have to decide if we are going to only include real rice. There are rice alternatives that have fewer carbs than real rice does, but they […]

How to Clean a Wok

There are two materials that the most popular models of wok are made from, cast iron and carbon steel. These are completely different materials with similar but not quite the same ways to clean them properly. To learn how to clean a wok, keep reading! How to Best Clean a […]

turkey ramen

Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Ramen Noodles Recipe

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the U.S. annually. Other countries celebrate this day as well. For instance, Canada does, but they celebrate it on a different day than the U.S. does. In 1957, Canada proclaimed Thanksgiving to be held on the second Monday during October, which in the U.S. is Columbus […]

Korean Rice and Korean Rice Recipes

If you’re looking to bring some Korean flare to the kitchen, here are some basics and recipes for Korean cooking to get you started. Rice is more than a staple for Korean food. It’s become a symbol of life and represents prosperity. For thousands of years, someone’s wealth was determined […]

Popular Indonesian Dishes and Indonesian Rice Recipes to Try

The 6,000 “Spice Islands” of Indonesia over the last centuries have attracted adventurers, pirates, and traders from everywhere-Arab, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and English-each leaving their stamp on the cuisine of the island. For instance, Sumatra’s cuisines, sometimes have Indian and Middle Eastern influences which might feature vegetables and […]

How to Make Sticky Rice in a Rice Cooker

Sticky rice comes in many forms and comes from all countries worldwide. It’s popular in areas such as Thailand, China, and even Japan. There are many different recipes you can cook using sticky rice and while there are a few different names, they are all the same. Sticky rice is […]

How to Cook Bamboo Rice

Rice is loved by millions of people and in all different cultures. Arguably, the main reason it is so widely eaten worldwide is for its versatility – you probably know a few different recipes that you can use rice to make a whole new eating experience. Often, the recipes which […]

How to Clean and Take Care of a Wood Cutting Board

When asked to name their favorite kitchen tool, some people will say their favorite cutting knife. However, what’s a good knife without an excellent cutting board to cut on? If you’re anything like most people who own wooden cutting boards, you’ll agree that it’s one of your most loved kitchen […]

Energy Efficiency of Rice Cookers vs Conventional Cooking

When it comes to cooking rice, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your chosen cooking method’s energy efficiency – but this is absolutely something that you should think about. Choosing an energy-inefficient method can be a sure way of making your bowl of rice or rice dish a […]

Traditional Spanish

Filipino Rice Recipes

If you’re not familiar with Filipino cuisine, you’re not alone. While it may be relatively easy to find a local Chinese or Spanish restaurant, Filipino restaurants are not quite as common, which means you’re missing out on some unique flavors that this type of food is known for. One of […]

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Rice Dessert Recipes to Satisfy that Sweet Tooth

Rice for dessert may sound unconventional, but you’d be surprised at how truly versatile this grain really is. If you know a thing or two about desserts, then you’re probably familiar with rice pudding, but there are many variations of that traditional recipe in addition to a wide range of […]

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How to Make Curry Rice

If you want to learn how to make curry rice, you’ll find several variations of this dish when you’re searching for recipes online. But curry rice isn’t just a simple side dish, it can also easily be the main entrée with a few tweaks to a recipe. However, it’s more […]

Rustic bowl of white rice

The Secret to Cooking Fluffy Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is probably one of the easiest varieties of rice to cook, at least when compared to brown rice. This rice is named after the jasmine flower, due to its sweet-smelling aroma. Jasmine is a type of long-grain rice that’s found in Thailand. The secret to fluffy jasmine rice […]

Rice Grain Variety

What is the Best Rice to Eat?

Rice has been part of our diet for hundreds of years, but in the last five years or so, many nutritionists have given it a bad rap, claiming eating too much rice can really pack on the calories. So, what’s the best rice to eat that won’t make you gain […]

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How to Make Rice Flour for a Gluten-Free Diet

In general, rice flour can be used as a healthier alternative to corn or white flour. While the price of flour isn’t too bad, learning how to make rice flour is actually much cheaper. You don’t have to use any special equipment, so there are no added expenses. Additionally, if […]

Mexican Arroz Verde

How to Make Green Rice: Mexican and Indian Dishes

If you’re tired of the same plain white or brown rice, learning how to make green rice can be a total gamechanger come mealtime. It can be perfectly paired with your favorite Mexican dishes, or you can add a lean protein source such as chicken and make it into the […]

Raw healthy dieting

Can You Eat Rice on Paleo Diet?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and try the paleo diet, then you’re probably doing your best to stick to the diet and follow the list of foods you can and can’t have. But there are definitely some gray lines. Of course, there are also several versions of this […]

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Is Jasmine Rice Healthy?

Jasmine rice is one of the most popular rice varieties in Southeast Asia. Its fragrant floral aroma combined with its soft fluffy texture makes it a very versatile side dish. This type of rice is usually served with seafood or coconut-based dishes and it’s also often used as a substitute […]

Delicious rice pudding

How to Make Sweet Rice the Right Way

Sweet rice, also known as sticky rice, is a popular delicious side dish that can be found in many restaurants. Its sticky texture makes it stand out from your standard white rice, giving it a unique flavor that’s hard to resist. If you want to replicate that dish at home, […]

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Rice Cooker Rice Recipes: Our Four Favorite Meal Ideas

Using the best Japanese rice cooker can be an easy and almost foolproof way to enjoy perfectly cooked rice using a totally hands-off process. You won’t have to deal with overcooked mushy rice or undercooked crunchy rice, ever again. However, these appliances can do so much more than just cook […]

How to Clean Rice Cooker

How to Clean Rice Cooker in Five Easy Steps

  Rice cookers make it much easier to enjoy perfectly cooked rice in a fraction of the time. But just like with any type of appliance, it’s important that you know how to maintain and clean it in order to ensure it continues to work properly. How to clean a […]