5 Vegan Asian Recipes You Must Learn Today!

There are so many good Asian recipes out there, it can almost be overwhelming at times. If you are an omnivore, there is no end to how many tasty recipes you can make and meals you can enjoy. However, if you are vegan, the options can seem dismal at times, […]

Low Carb Rice Recipes You Should Cook Tonight

Low Carb Fried Rice with Chicken This is one of the savory, tasty low carb rice recipes that you can make with ingredients you probably have already in your house. It is based on the standard fried rice recipe you have probably tasted in many Asian restaurants. It is inexpensive […]

turkey ramen

Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Ramen Noodles Recipe

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the U.S. annually. Other countries celebrate this day as well. For instance, Canada does, but they celebrate it on a different day than the U.S. does. In 1957, Canada proclaimed Thanksgiving to be held on the second Monday during October, which in the U.S. is Columbus […]

5 Awesome Chinese Rice Recipe Favorites

Super Yummy Chinese Fried Rice No list of Chinese rice recipes would be complete without Chinese Fried Rice. This is the most popular and common of all rice recipe favorites. You can get this dish in any Asian restaurant without too much trouble. Even though this is such a common […]

4 Excellent Korean Rice Recipe Favorites

Korean Beef and Rice (Bulgogi) Bulgogi is a popular Korean rice dish that features the famous barbecue-style beef that Korean food is known for. The finished dish is a savory and somewhat spicy mix of rice and beef topped with optional scallions and sesame seeds. The dish is a mainstay […]

Korean Rice and Korean Rice Recipes

If you’re looking to bring some Korean flare to the kitchen, here are some basics and recipes for Korean cooking to get you started. Rice is more than a staple for Korean food. It’s become a symbol of life and represents prosperity. For thousands of years, someone’s wealth was determined […]

Popular Indonesian Dishes and Indonesian Rice Recipes to Try

The 6,000 “Spice Islands” of Indonesia over the last centuries have attracted adventurers, pirates, and traders from everywhere-Arab, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and English-each leaving their stamp on the cuisine of the island. For instance, Sumatra’s cuisines, sometimes have Indian and Middle Eastern influences which might feature vegetables and […]

How to Make Sticky Rice in a Rice Cooker

Sticky rice comes in many forms and comes from all countries worldwide. It’s popular in areas such as Thailand, China, and even Japan. There are many different recipes you can cook using sticky rice and while there are a few different names, they are all the same. Sticky rice is […]

How to Cook Bamboo Rice

Rice is loved by millions of people and in all different cultures. Arguably, the main reason it is so widely eaten worldwide is for its versatility – you probably know a few different recipes that you can use rice to make a whole new eating experience. Often, the recipes which […]

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Filipino Rice Recipes

If you’re not familiar with Filipino cuisine, you’re not alone. While it may be relatively easy to find a local Chinese or Spanish restaurant, Filipino restaurants are not quite as common, which means you’re missing out on some unique flavors that this type of food is known for. One of […]