How to Clean a Wok

There are two materials that the most popular models of wok are made from, cast iron and carbon steel. These are completely different materials with similar but not quite the same ways to clean them properly. To learn how to clean a wok, keep reading! How to Best Clean a […]

wok iron

Best Cast Iron Woks

Cast iron woks are beloved by millions of home cooks for their longevity, versatility, and durability. They have a reputation for being the best kind of woks for many different reasons. The main selling point of cast iron vs carbon steel woks is that cast iron woks tend to hold […]

Cantonese vs. Mandarin Woks

We all know when it comes to Asian/Chinese cooking, woks are typically involved. A wok typically has a rounded bottom and high sides, and most have two handles while some only have one handle. Round bottom woks are great for allowing heat to distribute evenly as opposed to a saucepan […]

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Best Wok Rings

If you love cooking Chinese dishes, chances are you have a wok in the kitchen. Woks come in either flat or rounded bottoms. Having a wok ring can make cooking even easier, though. Wok rings are constructed of metal, and they can help keep your wok in place while cooking […]

Von Shef 7.4 Qt Adjustable Temperature Electric Wok Review

There’s a lot to love about woks. Their versatility and ability to bring Chinese culture to your kitchen is something many people love. The Von Shef electric wok is a gamechanger when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Whether it’s cooking fluffy rice or making your favorite steamed vegetables, […]

Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok Review

If you’re into Asian cuisines, you might find that this Breville Hot Wok is what you’ve been looking for. Making cooking a breeze, this wok offers a lot of features to buyers. Chinese woks have been transforming kitchens for years allowing everyone to enjoy cuisines of all cultures. With their […]

Review of the Aroma Housewares AEW-306 Wok

Woks can be great for whipping up some of your most loved meals. This is true if you’re in a hurry or want to experience a bit of Asian cuisine. They can be a better alternative as opposed to heating something in the oven. But, when it comes to finding […]

Presto 5900 Electric Wok Review

The Presto 5900 electric wok offers 1500 watts and is designed from stainless steel. It’s durable and has a base made from aluminum. This allows for even and fast heating while cooking. Each side of this wok is designed with a loop handle, making it easier to move the woke […]